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Do you have a friend with logomania? People with logomania can be very difficult to deal with in social situations. Conversation with them can be awkward, uncomfortable, and downright frustrating.

What is logomania? Let's break it up into its components.

logo: comes from the Greek word "logos" which means "word." 
mania: this word has a medical definition, but in simple, non-medical terms, it can be defined as "overactivity."

Thus, logomania is "overactive words." 

Most dictionaries define it as excessive speech, or compulsive talkativeness. Some even go so far as to describe logomania as pathological overtalkativeness.

When you are talking with someone who has logomania, you will find yourself looking at your watch, thinking, "I need to get going soon," but even when you tell the person that you need to go, they can't keep themselves from continuing the conversation. It can get really awkward when you have to get in your car, close the door, and slowly roll the window up while they're still talking to you!

Years ago I had a teacher who introduced me to logomania's synonym, logorrhea.

You can probably guess where this word is going. The suffix orrhea is a medical term which means "flow or discharge." Like diarrhea.

The teacher who taught me this vocabulary word had his own definition for the word: "Logorrhea is diarrhea of words and constipation of ideas."

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