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Pricing for Proofreading Services

At Portland Proof we charge by the word, rather than by the hour. This ensures that you will know exactly how much the project will cost, before we begin proofing. 

Before we give you a price, we will ask you to submit a copy of your document (or an excerpt) to us for evaluation. During the evaluation process, we will select a section of your document and proofread it. Based on the number of words we proofread, and the amount of time it takes, as well as other factors, we will give you a cost per thousand words. Our rates are typically in the range of $7.00 to $20.00 per thousand words, depending on the quality and type of writing. Some documents, such as poetry, documents with technical jargon, or documents with significant errors, may cost more.

A minimum fee of $20.00 for small projects will be charged.

Payments for projects are made as follows: 50% before proofreading begins, with the remaining 50% due when proofreading is complete, and before delivery of the final document.

BLOGGERS: Please read about Proofreading prices for bloggers for more information.

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"In my latest project, I found the services of Portland Proof to be invaluable in creating a quality work that is both readable and accurate. Laura gets an A+ for her attention to detail and ability to polish a sentence or a paragraph."


"Thank you for all your time and effort in helping me accomplish the writing of my thesis for my degree. Thanks to you, I received an A on my thesis and I will be graduating in July with my Doctorate in Theology."