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"That book had an interesting story line, but it probably wasn't worth it, wading through all the typos."

"I was surprised at how many word usage problems the book had. The author kept using 'there' instead of 'their,' and things like that."

"I enjoyed the story, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else; it's just too much work trying to make sense out of the careless sentence construction."

"No, I probably won't buy another e-book by that author. Maybe if someone had proofread his story before he published..."

"It's hard not to form assumptions about the professionalism or degree of care the author takes in their work, when it contains obvious grammar and punctuation errors."

What's Missing?

The quotations above are a sampling of the kinds of comments we hear from people who are discovering and reading books on Kindle and Nook, and finding themselves vaguely dissatisfied or even outright frustrated with the quality of writing. What's missing in each case?

A proofreader.

The problem is that everyone thinks their writing is "good enough." But no one's writing is good enough to bypass the proofreading step. Here's a little secret for you: even the material that I post on this site is submitted to a proofreader before being posted!

And if a proofreader needs a proofreader, so do you!

Doing It Right

You've spent a lot of time making your story the best it can be. And you are eager to get it published. But don't let your eagerness get in the way of doing it right. If the story is worth sharing with the world, it's worth the extra cost of having it proofread. You don't want your readers to be saying, "Oh, it was a neat story, but the mistakes drove me up a wall."

At Portland Proof, our rates are very reasonable, and our work is thorough. Best of all, since we review your work before we quote you a price, you can count on getting the best possible price. If you've already put a lot of work into revising and correcting your own work, we can do our job even more quickly, and save you even more money.

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"In my latest project, I found the services of Portland Proof to be invaluable in creating a quality work that is both readable and accurate. Laura gets an A+ for her attention to detail and ability to polish a sentence or a paragraph."


"Thank you for all your time and effort in helping me accomplish the writing of my thesis for my degree. Thanks to you, I received an A on my thesis and I will be graduating in July with my Doctorate in Theology."