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Advertising for Self-Publishers

If you are self-publishing, you are missing out on one very important advantage that comes with a publishing company: advertising.

When you publish on your own, you take full responsibility for advertising your project, and you won't make money if you don't take advertising seriously. Be prepared to spend some money, and be prepared to do a lot of work.


If you are publishing, that means you are already a writer. So take advantage of that skill by starting a blog. Your blog will be part of your advertising. People who read and enjoy your blog (which is free for all readers!) are more likely to spend the money to purchase the book you have written. A well-written blog is a great advertising tool. If you don't have a blog, start out by visiting Blogger or another blogging tool. Take the time to design an attractive blog, and carefully craft interesting blog posts. Visit our blogging page for information on how we can help you with your blog.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Advertising costs, and no one gets anything for free on the Internet. Visit Google's AdSense program, Microsoft's Ad Center, or any other respected advertising program. Depending on the keywords you choose to advertise for, you will pay various amounts for each click your ad receives.

Banner Ads

Some of the most attention-grabbing advertisements are banner ads--images which fill a standard sized vertical or horizontal ad space. Unfortunately, many self-publishers try to create their own ads, and since they are not equipped with the proper tools or experience, the results are often amateurish and embarrassing. Contact a firm such as Virtu Software to inexpensively design banner ads for your ad campaigns.

Advice for Self-Publishers

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