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It was recently suggested that we do a Word-of-the-Month blog post about the word virtu. That seems to be a very appropriate suggestion for this website, considering that the site was designed and hosted by VirtuWeb.net. The VirtuWeb logo appears to the left of this paragraph.

But what does the word "virtu" mean?

The word is closely related to the word "virtue." Both words come from a Latin word which simply means "excellence."

But while the word "virtue" is generally used for the purpose of describing moral excellence, "virtu" is a more generic excellence which has nothing to do with morality. "Virtu" is defined as excellence or merit in objects of art. Objects of art (or "objet d'art" in French) is a term used to describe any artistic endeavor which does not fit into the standard, major fields of visual art (panting, drawing, large sculpture). 

Thus, VirtuWeb is so named because they offer excellence in art on the web--unique and attractive websites.

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