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Prices for Blog Proofreading

Blog posts vary in size and complexity, so it is not possible to provide a price per post. Also, since we have a minimum $20.00 charge for any project, this can get expensive very quickly.

In order to provide the most convenient and affordable service to bloggers, we charge by the hour instead of by the post, and require an up-front payment of $20.00, which can be used toward proofreading multiple posts over time. This allows bloggers to bypass the minimum charge for proofreading.

How This Works

When you contract with Portland Proof, you provide a payment of $20.00 before proofreading begins. If you have reasonably short and well-written posts, that $20.00 may cover proofreading of several posts. Once your $20.00 is nearly depleted, we will contact you to let you know that another $20.00 will be required for more proofreading.

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Pricing for Blog Proofreading

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"In my latest project, I found the services of Portland Proof to be invaluable in creating a quality work that is both readable and accurate. Laura gets an A+ for her attention to detail and ability to polish a sentence or a paragraph."


"Thank you for all your time and effort in helping me accomplish the writing of my thesis for my degree. Thanks to you, I received an A on my thesis and I will be graduating in July with my Doctorate in Theology."