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Every quiz consists of ten sentences, which will appear one at a time on the screen. Each sentence contains exactly one mistake. Your first job is to find the mistake and click on it.

The mistake might be a misspelled word, an incorrect punctuation mark, an improperly used word, or a capitalization error.

The mistake might also be a missing word, or a missing punctuation mark. If this is the case, click on the space where the missing word/punctuation mark should appear.

[[[SQUAREAD]]]If your selection is incorrect, the word will turn red, and a message will appear telling you that your selection is incorrect.

If your selection is correct, the word will turn green. A text box with a "Submit" button next to it will appear at the bottom of the game window.

In the text box, type the correct word or punctuation mark, and then either click "Submit" or press "Enter" on your keyboard.

If you are correct, the next sentence will be displayed.

Skipping Questions
If at any time you cannot figure out the error in a sentence, you may click the "Skip" button. This will advance the quiz to the next question. You will not get a second chance to try that sentence, and you will not earn points for any sentences you skip.

Your score will be based on two factors: the number of mistakes you make, and the amount of time it takes to solve each problem.

Multiple Answers
We have done our best to make sure that there is only one way to fix an error in a sentence, but we also realize that proofreading is a very subjective process, and while one proofreader may fix a sentence in one way, another might choose a very different approach. With that in mind, in sentences which might be open to multiple correction possibilities, we have tried to allow for other possibilities.

For example, in the sentence, My friends homework assignments got better grades than mine, there is no context to indicate whether this is a single friend with multiple homework assignments, or multiple friends. Thus, either friend's or friends'will be accepted answers.

If you provide an answer which the site marks as incorrect, but you are sure is correct, you can contact us to tell us about it. Please include the full sentence, along with the correction you made.

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